Early February 2007, we received a mini-poodle called Leo. He had been badly mistreated and was close to death. After a valiant effort from our Vet (Aldgate Vet Clinic) and Leo's Lion Hearted will to live, he has since made a full recovery.
His story is graphic and is quite shocking. Please take the time to read his story and support our campaign to say NO TO BACK YARD BREEDERS!
We urge you not to support the horrific trade in puppies and dogs by NOT buying from pet shops, newspapers, internet notice boards or from markets.
Please buy from breeders that are registered with that states Canine Control Body. Ask to see all health tests that are relevant to that breed. Check the condition of the breeders other dogs. Ask to see the whelping room.
Do you homework! Ethical breeders will not mind your questions and will have no problem in showing you health certificates and pedigrees. They will have nothing to hide and so will show you their other dogs.
The continued practise in back yard breeding by people who only have dollar signs in their eyes are adding to the growing number of dogs in pounds and shelters all around Australia.
Leo AFTER receiving vet care for 24 hours.
Could he be the father of that 'cute' cross bred in the pet shop you saw? YES it is HIGHLY possible!
Leo now! A happy heathly DESEXED poodle. He is very affectionate and loves the German Shepherds and our children. In a very short space of time he has completely taken over the household with his amazing character!