"A very large, strong substantial bitch with a very good head and expression. High withers, firm back good length and lay of croup. Very good fore and hindquarter angulation. stands correct in front. Moves slightly wide at rear, correct in front. Shows very good ground covering gait. Temperament firm and outgoing"

Breed Surveyor Mr Doug West.


Our darling BB passed away on the 21st of November,after a very short illness.

You fought so hard to stay with us but even you couldnt win BB.

We miss your clown faces and your swims in the pool

The birds are now resting easy in the fruit trees no longer being chased out of the yard

I can even water the lawn without help and back wash the pool without assistance

Alice misses your soft furry kisses and and cuddles and your ever ready 'paw slap of doom' She even misses your whiskery face in hers at three in the morning.

I even miss your big splatty drools all over my floor when we are eating and waking up in the middle of the night to find you on the bed!

Going to the beach is not going to be the same BB. Your daughter hasnt learned the fine art of hurling herself in the water and swiming to kangaroo Island after seagulls yet. Yet she did learn to chase waves and bite them before running up the beach to spin around and do it all again.

Thank you for being a wonderful friend and may you rest in peace. I know that you knew we were there when you found your wings and flew away from the pain. You were surrounded by those that you loved the most, on your favourite bed at home.

We Miss you so much Beretta thank you for so many wonderful memories